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R'lyeh Text-Special... is a bit strong, isn't she?
I know she uses the %f bug... but what exactly makes her so strong? Is there a way to counter it?
Let's examine the %f bug's strongest piece of code.

pushad ;initialization
pushfd ;initialization
mov eax,[004b5b4c] ;get MUGEN's address
mov ebx,[eax+0000b788] ;get the enemy's address (+0000b784 if teamside = 2)
mov ecx,[ebx+00000be8] ;get the state code pointer of the enemy
mov [ecx],004b4000 ;move a null address to the state code pointer of the enemy
popfd ;finalization
popad ;finalization
mov [004b4458],00000000 ;finalization
jmp 00496651 ;return to normal code

So it's basically root deleter, huh? How interesting...
And since it overwrites the code of the pointer itself, helpers aren't immune to it even though just the enemy's address is gotten...
I wonder if there's a way to counter it...

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