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This is a blog that I have made for discussing and posting content related to my MUGEN characters or other programming-related things.
Most of my characters are private/trade-only to prevent edits and the like. More often than not, asking will get you them, though.
Feel free to post a comment if you have any concerns. I mostly post in English, but can speak Japanese to an extent. I'll use a translator for any other language, so feel free to use your native one if you don't feel comfortable speaking in one of those two.
Alternatively, you may ask me questions at one of these two websites: (English) (日本語)
I will answer any questions as soon as I notice, regardless of where they're posted.
Either that or you can find me on Twitter or Discord, or wherever else you see me.
Please note that some information on this blog may be outdated because I don't update it as much (however I'm trying to do so more regularly) _(:3」∠)_

Current Works in Progress:

Beatrix Repha (ビアトリックス・レファー | ビアちゃん)
ver. ב_‎008.0 (Sep 23th, 2019)
Status: Released
(High-Tier Nuke | 上位神)

Codename: GX15-ALwk
ver. -1 (Work not started | 進捗なし)
Status: Work not started (Projected publishing date: ???????? | 公開日: ????????)
(Pretty Strong lol | 中位狂〜上位狂)
Most details will be obfuscated until work begins | 進捗があるまで詳細は除外される

Characters Created/Collaborated on (probably won't get any more updates):

ver. 0 (July 31, 2015)
Status: Unpublished
(Top-Tier SuperNull | 最上位論外)

Y-Gefühl (憂愁ゲフール)
ver. 1.0 (Mar. 13, 2016)
Status: Unpublished
(Low-Tier Null | 下位論外)

ASYuuka (ασιν)
ver. 1.01 (Oct. 21, 2016)
Status: Unpublished
(Mid-Tier Null | 中位論外)

wow normal schedule again?? maybe??

Beatrix Repha [CNS] (→ Bet 010.1)

Additions, Modifications, and Deletions (追加や変更や削除)
  • Added Clsn2-Granting Armor Killer (Clsn2付与アーマーキラーを追加しました)
  • Added specific Attr processing to Aleph[2] (Aleph[2]に特定Attr処理を追加しました)
  • Added Air.Juggle Measures to P1StateNo Callback (P1StateNo返しにAir.Juggle対策を追加しました)
  • Added a simple SysVar Life/StateNo detection (SysVar(X)=LifeとStateNo検出を追加しました)
  • Added SysVar = StateNo Anomalous Synchronization countermeasures (異常なSysVar(X)=StateNo同期対策を追加しました)
  • Refined the Obsfucation helper's initial StateNo (難読化ヘルパーの初期ステを変更しました)
  • Added a visual alignment measure for C-Patchouli (パチェさんの外観用を追加しました)
Bug Fixes (バグ修正)
  • Fixed Ayu-Ayu Killer once again not working properly (あゆあゆキラーがまだ適切に実行されないのを修正しました)
  • Fixed that the forced continuation condition for initial scraping wouldn't actually force a continuation (初期削りの強制継続条件が適切に読み取られなかったのを修正しました)
  • Fixed a mistake that caused Samekh[E] to crash vs certain opponents (Samekh[E]が特定相手に対してループ落ちるのを修正しました)
  • Fixed a mistake that caused Exploitative Exploration to crash during self-animation reading (利用型探査が自己アニメの参照中にエラーメーなし落ちるのを修正しました)
  • Fixed the GetUploader filename (GetUploaderファイル名を修正しました)

As usual, feedback is appreciated.

It's been too long

It's been a while. This is probably the biggest update in a while, too. So let's get started. (しばらく経ちました。これはおそらくこれを補うための最大の更新です。難しい話は抜きにして)
Beatrix Repha [CNS] (→ Bet 010.0)

Additions, Modifications, and Deletions (追加や変更や削除)
  • Ported all %z instructions to exec instructions (すべての%zをexec(ID)に移植した)
  • Moved all Bet patterns to the helper-derived system (すべてのBetパターンが最初ヘルパーによって処理されるようになりました)
  • Added Samekh[0,1,3,4,8,E] patterns (Samekhパターンを追加しました)
  • Added 2nd Phase Processing (2週目の処理を追加しました)
  • Added MT = A Marking capabilities (MoveType=Aマーキング機能を追加しました)
  • Added automatic Normal Helper capturing measures (自動ノーマルヘルパー奪取対策を追加しました)
  • Added automatic Variable Tampering Pandora Killer to state callback (変数弄り型パンドラキラー改をBetパターンに追加しました)
  • Added a measure for full-area Variable Tampering Pandora Killer (全領域変数弄り型パンドラキラー改対策を追加しました)
  • Added Marking TargetLifeAdd support for opponents without Armor during scraping (削り中に相手に本体アーマーがなければ、タゲライフが実行されるようになりました)
  • Added Infiltrative Exploration facilitation measures to Aleph[0] (潜入型探査が実行されなければ、Aleph[0]は拡張されるようになりました)
  • Added Alive < 1 impersonation to Bet[1] during the 2nd phase (2週目にAlive<1偽装をBetパターンに追加しました)
  • Added some NoKO Breakthrough processing (いくつかのNoKO貫通対策を追加しました)
  • Added a dedicated measure for White Mage (シロマの専用を追加しました)
  • Marking target acquisition will now also attempt to grab a target if a projectile is fired (Projが発射すれば、マーキングはタゲを取得しようとするようになりました)
  • Shifted Observed Helper states to the brain helper (ヘルパーステ保存は最後ヘルパーに移動しました)
  • Shifted Bet[E] to the 2nd phase (Bet[E]は2週目に移動しました)
  • Adjusted initial scraping to wait less if the timer expires pre-optimization (最適化の前にタイマーが期限切れば、初期削りがより短い時間待機するようになりました)
  • Adjusted velocities for Fall Instant Death processing (落下即死中に食らい速度を調整しました)
  • Separated HitDef P2StateNo from ReversalDef P2StateNo (HitDefのとReversalDefのP2StateNoを分離しました)
  • Deprecated Gimel[6] (Gimel[6]を廃止しました)

Bug Fixes (バグ修正)
  • Fixed that Marking would treat itself as non-existent throughout the match (マーキングが忘れられることを修正しました)
  • Fixed that P2StateNo Ayu-Ayu Killer wouldn't work properly (打撃あゆあゆキラーが適切に実行されないことを修正しました)
  • Fixed that the HitDef during Aleph[0] can actually hit the opponent (Aleph[0]中の本体HitDefが相手と接触する可能性があることを修正しました)
  • Fixed that Bet[8] would be branched to even without an Ultra-Instant Death state recorded (Bet[8]が超即死ステのせずに分岐したことを修正しました)
  • Fixed that enemy Helper ID storage wouldn't work properly (相手ヘルパーIDが適切に保存されないことを修正しました)
  • Fixed that enemy information variable IDs wouldn't save properly (相手の情報変数番号が適切に保存されないことを修正しました)
  • Fixed that Direct State Controller Reading wouldn't function properly during Exploration (直ステコン参照が適切に機能しないことを修正しました)
  • Fixed that DefenceMul wouldn't be processed properly during scraping (DefenceMulが削り中に適切に処理されなかったことを修正しました)
  • Fixed that Letter of Challenge's dedicated measure would crash during Timeline 0.571024 (LoCの専用が世界線0.571024でMUGEN落ちることを修正しました)
  • Fixed EXELICA (Shooting Star Patch)'s Dedicated Measure (エグゼリカ[Shooting_Starパッチ]の専用を修正しました)

As usual, feedback is appreciated.

MGVW pt. 43

Beatrix Repha vs. Hoshii Miki vs. Demon of Murder Rena
(ビアちゃん 対 星井美希 対 殺人鬼レナ)


The prayer game has reached its peak. Let's hope for the best.
It is entirely possible a helper deletion-required edit (⑨ of life 9p, Yoshika 11p, etc.) could completely screw me over. I will just have to accept that if it happens.
Variable tampering and final scraping are my current rough patches, so let's hope those things never become an issue.
However, with Forced Declaration of Death added, a potential hole has been patched. Additionally, with bulk setting 3 being used by beshi, I'm a bit more confident than I'd be if default settings were used. ...upon initial watching, it looks like default settings were used. Ah well, shouldn't matter.

Estimated odds:
  • Beatrix {ver. Bet 009.0, Default}: 33%
  • Hoshii Miki {ver. 12/16}: 30%
  • DoMR {ver. 1.30, Alive = 0 Impersonation ON}: 37%

dies 12p
Since I don't have pre-to sensing currently active, I can't use the standard method of sending to 106 repeatedly for the kill (aka the high-speed scraping route)
I kill during scraping regardless, which is honestly surprising. Wasn't expecting this kill confirm.
Reflections for future updates: Add the pre-to variable system. Also add recording for life decrementation states for both helpers and the body.

Kracko's Revenge 4p
Killed during initial scraping. It was just a matter of hitting the enemy repeatedly.
There was an invuln time of 30, but it doesn't really matter
Reflections for future updates: None

saint of silver 11p
Killed via Forced Declaration of Death. I'm quite thankful I bit the bullet and added at least something when I did.
Otherwise I would've lost here, and that would've been embarrassing. Paranoia came true.
Reflections for future updates: None

Lilium Scarlet 12p
I actually have no idea what the scraping condition for her is. I tried looking, but to no avail.
Body Marking is required, I believe, then she drains her own life? Maybe?
Reflections for future updates: None

Robo-Mizuchi 11p
The curse of the body-based nuke. If Pos Y is ever less than 0, Robo-Mizuchi will heal the damage taken instead of take the damage taken. I suppose this is why no such nuke ever jumps, huh?
Beatrix's AI unfortunately got destroyed by this as a result. Unfortunately, we lose here. Such an arbitrary condition... unlucky.
Reflections for future updates: Addition of Pos Y checksums to scraping.

White Mage 12p
I don't have this dedicated measure in tow, so the match would've continued past this point. Albeit, if it ended on this dedicated measure, I would've been upset, no matter if I or one of the others won. Regardless,
Reflections for future updates: Add White Mage dedicated measure

A lot of these edits were scraping. I'm unsure why that's the case, but eh. No kill power could truly be exhibited here.
It's unfortunate, but can't be helped. Such is the luck of the tournament.

ヘルパー削除が必要なキャラ(生活⑨ 9p、芳香 11p)とすぐに死んでしまう可能性があります。その場合、運命を受け入れなければいけませんね。

  • ビアちゃん {ver. Bet 009.0, デフォ設定}: 33%
  • 星井美希 {ver. 12/16}: 30%
  • レナさん {ver. 1.30, 直死応用null使用ON}: 37%

ディエス 12p
更新リクエ: プレート式GameTime貫通を追加してください。ライフ減少ステ保存を追加してください。

クラッコリベンジ 4p
更新リクエ: なし

銀の聖者 11p
妄想は現実に現れました (´・ω・`)
更新リクエ: なし

Lilium Scarlet 12p
更新リクエ: なし

ロボミズチ 11p
本体を表示する神キャラの呪いですよ。pos Yが負の場合、ロボはダメージを受ける代わりに回復します。
攻撃の1つが跳ぶのを伴うので、ここで負けました。 変な条件ですよね… 大凶
更新リクエ: 削りにpos Yチェックを追加してください。

白魔道士 12p
更新リクエ: 白魔道士の専用を追加してください。


Deadlines are a hell of a motivator

Beatrix Repha [CNS | Hotpatch] (→ Bet 009.0)

Additions, Modifications, and Deletions (追加や変更や削除)
  • Implemented Forced Declaration of Death (強制死の宣告を実装しました)
  • Added Life/Alive = 0 HitDef detection measures (LifeかAlive偽装すればHitDef実行検知を追加しました)
  • Added Alive = 0 MoveTime increase detection (Alive偽装すれば停止実行検知を追加しました)
  • Added P2Life synchronization measures to the scouting helper (P2Life本体の同期を偵察ヘルパーに追加しました)
Bug Fixes (バグ修正)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Instant Death Ayu-Ayu Killer to not function properly during Bet[1] (Bet[1]中に即死あゆあゆが適切に実行されないのを修正しました)
  • Prevented too many projectiles from spawning during damage calculation (ダメージ計算中に発生するProjが多すぎる生成させるのを防ぎました)

As usual, feedback is appreciated. I hope this is enough for now


Welcome to my blog.
Feel free to leave comments on my posts. I'll get back to them when I notice them.
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