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This is a blog that I have made for discussing and posting content related to my MUGEN characters or other programming-related things.
Most of my characters are private/trade-only to prevent edits and the like. More often than not, asking will get you them, though.
Feel free to post a comment if you have any concerns. I mostly post in English, but can speak Japanese to an extent. I'll use a translator for any other language, so feel free to use your native one if you don't feel comfortable speaking in one of those two.
Alternatively, you may ask me questions at one of these two websites: (English) (日本語)
I will answer any questions as soon as I notice, regardless of where they're posted.
Either that or you can find me on Twitter or Discord, or wherever else you see me.
Please note that some information on this blog may be outdated because I don't update it as much (however I'm trying to do so more regularly) _(:3」∠)_

Current Works in Progress:

Beatrix Repha (ビアトリックス・レファー | ビアちゃん)
ver. ב_‎015.1 (Jun 6th, 2020) ← (this is probably wrong, I keep forgetting to update this text xD)
Status: Released
(High-Tier Nuke | 上位神)

Codename: GX15-ALwk
ver. -1 (Work not started | 進捗なし)
Status: Work not started (Projected publishing date: ???????? | 公開日: ????????)
(Pretty Strong lol | 中位狂〜上位狂)
Most details will be obfuscated until work begins | 進捗があるまで詳細は除外される

Characters Created/Collaborated on (probably won't get any more updates):

ver. 0 (July 31, 2015)
Status: Unpublished
(Top-Tier SuperNull | 最上位論外)

Y-Gefühl (憂愁ゲフール)
ver. 1.0 (Mar. 13, 2016)
Status: Unpublished
(Low-Tier Null | 下位論外)

ASYuuka (ασιν)
ver. 1.01 (Oct. 21, 2016)
Status: Unpublished
(Mid-Tier Null | 中位論外)

Conflict of Period Part8

Kurama-Tengu vs. Beatrix
(クラマテング 対 ビアちゃん)

Made by the same producer as Vesta, emeru. As usual, a very MapleStory-heavy edit (ヴェスタの作製者、emeru氏作った文改変だ。いつものようにMapleStoryエフェたくさーん)
Will the mysterious design choice of applying damage to the marking helper be enough to win?????? (クラマさんの神秘的なマーキングダメ付与の記述選択は勝つために十分だろうか??)

Hyper Mai [1p] (4.4/5.0 | Hard)
Takes damage whenever you get hit by the helper. It seemingly is inconsistent, though.
Since you can capture a helper, you can perform a sort of Armor Killer route to kill.
It's a bit... unstable though.

[state -2]

If you call back ultra-instant death without thinking (like we did), crash
Kurama simply runs out of time
ハイパー舞 [1p] (4.4/5.0 | 難)
(((K| 0-0 |B)))

G-Saladbar [9p] (4.3/5.0 | Hard)
Capturing the helper is easy because there's no SelfState in this palette
However there IS a DestroySelf that triggers when you capture it, so it's not stable
So we detect that quasi-P1StateNo exists, branch to HitDef callback, and kill
Kurama runs out of time again. The bug helper is the only thing that executes state callback, seemingly
Gサラダバー [9p] (4.3/5.0 | 難)
(((K| 0-1 |B)))

G-Marshtomp [12p] (4.3/5.0 | Hard)
I don't have it so I don't know how I won!!!!!
It looks like helper variable tampering though, even though it states that alive = 0 impersonation is required
TimerFreeze exists so Kurama is stuck in limbo this time
神ヌマクロー [12p] (4.3/5.0 | 難)
(((K| 0-2 |B)))

A-Minagi [12p] (4.7/5.0 | Extreme)
Exact life=lifemax/2 impersonation, various forms of alive impersonation, specific bug helper timing
Yeaaa dedicated end. ★You★tried★
A-美凪 [12p] (4.7/5.0 | 極難)
(((K| 0-3 | B)))

A clean victory. Let's hope my luck continues!!!! (きれいな勝利だね。幸運が続きるお願いー)
...once I finish scraping reforms (削り改訂後、ね (´・ω・`))

AngleDraw Explods :oooooooo

Explod Expansion Pack [DL]
An extension to this blog post made by awino. I did it. Just drop it in the character's def file (under st = ) and you're good to go!
It has a generic name because I plan on adding more things to it in the future [subalpha], but for now it just allows Explods to be rotated.
Currently DBO only, but I might add a .zip exploit in the future if sufficient demand exists
This works with every case that I could've thought of. Shadows, any form of transparency, and of course with ModifyExplod.
Other characters shouldn't break if they're loaded before the code is executed either (I noticed the bug and fixed it before release)! Probably! ...but if it does happen hit Shift+F4
If there's any bugs, please let me know, otherwise enjoy the new functionality!

awino氏のブログ投稿の非公式続編。実装できた。やったぜ。defファイル(st = )に静かに配置するとExplod回転できる

Now I shall immediately perish to scraping again

Beatrix Repha [CNS] (→ Bet 018.1)

Additions, Modifications, and Deletions (追加や変更や削除)
  • Added enemy,life-type synchronization detection (enemy,life型同期検出追加しました)
  • Added Life Management Projectile Generation to He[1] (life管理Proj生成をHe[1]に追加しました)
  • Added some Power Manipulation to Ground World Reformation (power操作を「地上の世界、変更!」に追加しました)
  • Added a quasi-general purpose measure for Ouranos [12p] (Ouranos[12p]の準汎用対策を追加しました)
  • Added a dedicated measure for hyper giga Mizuchi (3~4p) (ハイパーギガ蛟[3~4p]の専用対策を追加しました)
  • Variable Tampering will now use a while loop-based system (変数弄り処理はwhileループ型ようになりました)
  • Helper Non-System Variable Tampering should no longer execute again if Crosstalk has already tampered with the variables of a normal helper (相手処理でノーマルヘルパーの非sys変数弄りが繰り返しないようになりました)
  • Slightly revised N_Alice's dedicated measure (Nアリスの専用対策を少し調整しました)
  • Removed some breakpoints that snuck into the previous update somehow (卑劣なデバッグ落ちを削除しました)
Bug Fixes (バグ修正)
  • Fixed that damage values aren't reset properly between consecutive scraping patterns (削りダメ値が連続するパターン間で適切にリセットされないガバを修正しました)
  • Fixed that Helper Variable Tampering would tamper the variables of helpers that no longer exist (混線が存在しないヘルパーの変数を弄るガバを修正しました)
  • Fixed that the Helper HitDef/HitBy disabling condition for Ground World Reformation was reversed (「地上の世界、変更!」のヘルパーHitBy+HitDef禁止条件は逆転したガバを修正しました)
  • Fixed (probably) that on rare occasion, Ground World Reformation would look completely broken (まれに「地上の世界、変更!」の下半分外観がひどかったガバを修正しました)

As usual, feedback is appreciated.


R'lyeh Text Special (ルルイエ異本) [12p]

Uses the CNS deletion route by %f found in StateDef 7001. (Def 7001のCNS削除ルートで潜入型直死)
If SN Defense is on, R'lyeh will transmute all SelfStates into ChangeStates during the outtro and attempt to throw, so there's extra processing in -2 for this single case. (DBO無効化があるの場合、SelfStateはChangeStateになり投げろうとするので、-2に演出処理があり。)
By the way, 1-11p are also dedicated, but it's scraping. If I can do it legit, I will. (とにかく1-11pは削り専用対策。やはりそのようなルート倒せるなら)

With the OP out of the way... (OP後から続ごう)
I wanted to provide some developer commentary for the dedicated measures shown here. (開発者解説を提供したかったので、投稿を書いた)
Most of these were really fun to make and also turned out the best, so I'm glad people seemed to enjoy them! (ほとんどは作るのが楽しかった。それで演出が良くなると思う)
Needless to say there are spoilers so click if you want to read them (言うまでもなくネタバレ。読みたければボタンを押して)



Welcome to my blog.
Feel free to leave comments on my posts. I'll get back to them when I notice them.
"http" is a banned phrase to prevent issues.
Goes without saying, but feel free to put this blog's link in other places. (リンクフリー)

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